The level of tension in society is quite high, any tiny conflict risks turning into a real war, and relations can burst at the seams. Mercury retrograde from December 13 tends to bring many people back to old unresolved problems. This is a time when things can slow down a bit, go wrong, break, get stuck, get disrupted, and make life a little more difficult for us.

Everything you do for the first time needs to be done at the beginning of Mercury retrograde. Since the Moon descends to the new moon in Sagittarius on December 13, it makes sense to postpone all important matters to the second half of January 2024. There is no need to sign anything and deal with documents in the next 2-3 weeks. If it's unavoidable, check everything hundreds of times so that the error doesn't turn into a disaster.

It's a great time to look back and draw conclusions. Try to notice which of the problems are constantly repeated, look into it more carefully and deeply, look for possible solutions and compromises. And if you miss someone, want to bring someone back from the past, then plan a reconciliation or meeting for the second half of the week.

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Not the best time for breakthroughs in the professional field, job search. Take care of your health, strengthen your immune system. Financially, no frills, but enough for everything you need. But from the point of view of love relationships, it's just a great week. It would be best to do only routine at work, but devote the evenings to a loved one, family, children. If you're not a couple yet, try to meet up with friends or visit your parents on the weekend.


If you are sad, you find yourself in a whirlpool of unsolvable problems – feel free to go to visit relatives or old friends. You will be hospitably sheltered and helped to get out of a difficult situation. By the end of the week, all fears will be gone, stability and positivity will return. If you have time, it's time to do volunteer or charity work. This will expand your circle of acquaintances, which will have the best effect on your everyday life and professional demand in the near future.


It's time to look back, to take responsibility not only for your own life, but also for the lives of others. You'll even be able to settle lingering quarrels and act as a peacemaker in conflicts you have nothing to do with. In no case should you give up what you have started and make every effort to complete everything in the near future. Free time is ideally spent spending time with children or younger relatives, discussing positive news – this will help everyone achieve psychological peace.


The week will be favorable for you, despite the external tense background. Make the most of the first half of the week, do what is really important to you, and focus on promoting your personal interests. Inner harmony will allow you not to come into conflict with anyone either at work or at home. Communication with the younger generation will be incredibly interesting, fruitful and useful, because you will not only be able to give them a lot, but also get a lot from them.


You will be surprised how much your openness and interest in the life of others reveal you in a new way. This should cheer you up and recharge your batteries. The week is the most favorable for growth in the professional field. But this is not the time to seek cooperation and start a new activity. Therefore, find advantages in what you have in your relationships with long-time partners, focus on achievements in your work. With due diligence, you will succeed and your efforts will be appreciated.


Work hard, take the initiative, acquire new knowledge, but don't take on new projects yet, even if they seem easy to you to do. Throughout the week, you will be overcome by a sea of passion and uncontrollable emotions, which will lead to a stormy showdown. In fact, at this time, you can ruin the relationship, which you will regret later, so try not to give in to emotional impulses too much. In general, your health is now invulnerable. However, try to keep yourself safe from stress.


You need to work clearly and efficiently, competently building relationships with the people around you. On the love front, it can start to get very feverish. At this time, you will be drawn to luxury, so if there is such an opportunity, you should look into the store and treat yourself to some kind of purchase. If you can't afford to buy something expensive yet, go on an excursion to a museum or palace to get visual pleasure from the beauty and luxury around.


Planetary energies bestow upon you calmness, hard work, and a positive attitude towards life. Use every opportunity to do something meaningful and interesting in the professional field. Do non-standard things for yourself, try to look at things from an unusual angle and find unexpected solutions. Take the initiative into your own hands not only at work, but also in relationships with loved ones – meet, communicate, exchange news and positive energy.


It makes sense to spend the second decade of December as productively as possible. Actively take on those projects that you started earlier, but things did not go well. It is this week that they can be implemented. You are in a resourceful state, but the state of your health now depends on the quality of nutrition, so it is better to eat less, but carefully choose environmentally friendly products. Tasks, the solution of which seemed difficult to you, in the near future will be given as easily as possible, almost effortlessly.


Retro Mercury in Capricorn gives you imagination and unleashes your creativity. It is better not to engage in activities that require accuracy and time constraints. It will be right to find time for a hobby and paint a picture, take some beautiful photos or make snowflakes on the windows with your child. Those around you note that you have become softer and more good-natured, which makes you a hospitable and friendly host, so invite your friends to dinner and surprise them with your signature dish.


Your determination and determination increase, but more in thoughts than in real actions. No matter what hopeless business you undertake, even if it occurs to you to unravel the New Year's garland, you will be determined to bring everything to the end. However, not everything is so rosy, because in the period plus or minus three days before and after the new moon, strength can be catastrophically lacking. So don't put too much effort in vain and promise more than you can do well.


It's easy to get confused about your desires these days. There are chances to overestimate your financial capabilities or get involved in some vague scheme. Avoid signing important papers related to the business, and don't lean on sparkling and greasy. It's a good time to take stock of what you didn't have time to do in 2023. But it makes sense to return to these cases in the second half of January. If possible, go on a big trip with old friends or a long-time romantic partner.