Today, December 9, representatives of all zodiac signs will be inclined to discuss - and condemn - the environment, but the stars categorically do not recommend this for three of them.


Taurus, before you start gossiping about anyone, would do well to look around carefully first. Otherwise, the object of their condemnation and cruel jokes, being nearby, can listen to everything from beginning to end. It is difficult to say what his reaction will be, but you should not hope for a positive.


Gemini cannot be called big fans of rumors and gossip, but sometimes – as they say, according to the mood – they are happy to do it. So today, when they meet with one of their friends, they can start a conversation about someone from mutual acquaintances. Unfortunately, the result will not be cheerful: the details of this person's life can cause envy.


Virgos deny their love of gossip, but indulge in this activity at every opportunity. Today they will have a desire to condemn the person on whom they depend. It is better to refrain from doing so, otherwise a banal story may happen to them: their words will reach the ears of the person they condemn, and he or she may not forgive.