The bride made a bang entry, did a great dance on Sajan ji home came

Bride Dance Video: In today's weddings, not only rituals and rituals but many new trends are also going on, on this special occasion, people have a lot of fun with music and dance. A video that recently went viral on Instagram shows one such heartwarming surprise prepared by a bride to make her wedding day even more memorable.

The bride along with her friends organised a stunning dance performance for the groom and the adorable moment was captured in a video shared by Instagram user @shubhavivahh.

In the video, the bride, dressed in traditional attire, danced beautifully to the tune of "Sajanji Ghar" from the Bollywood classic "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai". Her gait was beautiful, and her happiness was palpable, which made the performance a truly mesmerizing sight.

Watch the video:

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The internet quickly adopted this video and showered the bride with praise. Social media users couldn't stop praising the bride's dance moves and the video became an online sensation. Another user joked, "I also deserve such a marriage."