They have the skill to make everyone laugh

New Delhi:

The whole world knows Sunil Grover as a brilliant comedian. Especially in standup comedy, Sunil Grover has no answer. But Sunil Grover has had to work hard to reach this point. Sunil Grover has worked hard to make this identity. Sold from peanuts to umbrellas. If you got a chance in films, he did small roles. But the real identity became in the TV world with standup comedy and after that the stature also increased in films. And, if the stature increases, then the bungalow is also bound to be luxurious. You can also see how Sunil Grover's luxurious house is.

Home decorated with flowers

Sunil Grover's house is a two-storey house, whose main entrance takes you to the living room of Sunil Grover's house. The walls of this room are decorated with flowers. Floral hand painting has been done on them. This living room has a dining table and chairs made of wood. A piano is also kept near it. There are some couches near the balcony to relax. Some of these couches are black and white and some are also colorful. Frozen in U-shape, there is a center table between these couchs on which books are also frozen. The decoration around it has been done with lamps.

House lit up by sunlight

Sunil Grover's house kitchen is decorated with Moroccan tiles, whose windows rotate in a special way. Apart from this, the TV room is also very special. Sunil Grover himself has considered this room special because this room reminds him of Voice Over Days. These special places are decorated with different types of art pieces, in which there is a picture of Sunil Grover or photos of his colleagues. Sunil Grover's wife Aarti Grover considers this house special because there is plenty of sunlight here and the ventilation of the house is also very airy.