Pahari Songs Gulabi Sharara... But the dance performance of the small child created a stir

Little Boy Dance Video: There are many children who, when they are asked to dance in front of family members and relatives, they hesitate a lot and are shy. But, at the same time, there are some children who start dancing in front of everyone without being shy with confidence. Among these confident artists, a little boy has done a heart-touching dance, a video of which is becoming very viral on social media. Seeing which people have become fans of that child.

This video which has become an online sensation, shows a boy effortlessly showing his dance talent. Set to the vibrant tunes of a popular Pahari song "Gulabi Sharara", the kid mesmerizes the audience with his enchanting moves, which were performed during a family function. The video, shared by @haxsamx1m user on Instagram, quickly gained momentum and spread like wildfire on the social media platform.

Watch the video:

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There was a flood of reactions to the boy's performance. The audience filled the comment section of the reel with affection, using heart and fire emojis to express their appreciation. The video has been viewed more than 74 million times. One user said, "This song made the world dance, good song and move," another wrote, "Her dance is really good", the third wrote, "Most adorable video I have seen on Insta today".