Research on Heart Attack: Research found weight loss drug is also effective in heart attack


  • Weight loss drug is also effective in heart attack.
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Ankit Shwetabh: Rapidly increasing obesity is scaring the world nowadays. Rapidly increasing weight is becoming the root of many diseases and everyone from children, young to elderly, is coming in its grip. A major reason behind increasing weight is the deteriorating lifestyle and diet. This is the reason that given the time and circumstances, now people are gradually becoming health conscious. However, there are many types of medicines for weight loss in the market. A recent clinical research says that a weight loss drug can be successful in reducing the risk of heart attack.

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What Research Says (Weight Loss Drug Reduce Heart Attack)

This recent international medical research states that the drug used for weight loss (Wegovy) can prove to be helpful in reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke by 20 percent. During this clinical research presented in the American Heart Association Scientific Session, about 17,40 people were tested who were over <> years of age and who were obese. All these people had pre-existing heart problems. When such people were given this weight loss drug, not only did their obesity decrease but also reduced the risk of their heart-related diseases. Let us tell you that the component semaglutide found in Vegovi has proved helpful in reducing heart complications.

How safe is this medicine?

Let me tell you that till now these weight loss medicines were said to be dangerous for heart patients and heart patients avoided taking them. Dr. Michelle Linkoff, health expert at Cleverland Clinic, says that through this weight loss drug, weight loss therapy can now be done for patients who are victims of heart-related diseases. Let us tell you that this weight loss drug is present in injectable format to reduce obesity.

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