The truth of the school teacher revealed during the inspection

School Teacher Viral Video: It is said that the status of a teacher is greater than God. Because it is the Guru who tells the children the difference between right and wrong and leads them on the path of progress. Children are like raw clay, which is shaped and molded into a new mold is the teacher. But, if the future of the country is given in the hands of such teachers, who have no connection with education even remotely, then think what will be the future of children? A similar video is going viral on the Internet, after watching which you will be forced to think.

A video has been shared on Instagram from a page named (@factszonee). In the viral video, you can see that the person who came to inspect asked the teacher to write the spelling of January while asking the spelling of the months. When the teacher wrote the spelling of January on the blackboard, everyone was stunned. He wrote- JUNGU. Not only this, it was surprising when the teacher also told the spelling of February and March. According to Teacher, February is spelled 'MUN' and March is spelled 'MIJ'.

Watch the video:

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The page that shared this video has claimed that this woman is a teacher of a government school. His salary is about 55 thousand. The caption reads, "A woman teacher with more than 20 years of experience and salary of more than 55 thousand could not spell 'January' during a surprise inspection at a government school in a northern Indian state."

The video, posted on November 12, has been viewed more than 7 million times so far. Users are making a lot of comments on the video. One jokingly wrote – This question is wrong. You ask her the spelling of firefly and then she will tell the correct spelling of January. Another wrote- We private school teachers sacrifice our health, time and everything for the children. What do you have to say about this video? Let me know by commenting.