Because of his antics, mischievous nature and curiosity, the 5-year-old boy is constantly in the spotlight.

George, Charlotte and Louis / Photo: Associated Press

He could not refrain from pranks at the Christmas concert "Together for Christmas" at Westminster Abbey, which was organized by his mother Kate Middleton.

At first, Louis pretended to be a motorcyclist, then when he saw a huge statue of a soldier in a bright uniform, he stopped in front of him and grimaced at him.

Prince Louis/Photo: Getty Images

Prince Louis/Photo: Getty Images

Then, after sunset, Louis blew out a candle that was in the hands of his older sister, Princess Charlotte. The girl calmly accepted his daring trick and just smiled back. The picture instantly went viral.

Prince Louis Princess Charlotte / Photo: Getty Images

This year, the family traditionally came to the Christmas holiday in full force, but this year's event was not attended by King Charles and Queen Camilla.