It's good when there are a lot of them, and it's very bad when there are few, and here it doesn't happen day in and day out. Who will be financially successful this week – from December 11 to 17?


Only small financial issues can be solved - they can be regulated easily and quickly, but large ones still need to be abandoned - there is simply not enough energy for them, so you should not waste time and effort in vain.


When starting to clean the house for the holidays, you need to throw away things that no one has used for a long time – they will clear the way for beneficial energy, which has a positive effect on the financial sphere of life.


Success in professional and financial matters can be achieved by those who can analyze their mistakes and recent achievements, and draw the right conclusions from them.


It is necessary to pay close attention to the signs that the Universe will send at this time: they may well suggest what to emphasize in order to achieve success in the financial sense.


You should not immediately agree to lucrative financial offers that can be obtained at this time: first, you need to provide information about the company that made it.


It is necessary to turn on a reasonable saving mode: you can only make small purchases – it is better to refuse large ones, otherwise you can come to the holidays with an empty wallet.


You should not have high hopes for your professional plans – for various reasons, you will not be able to succeed in them anyway, and serious earnings are now in question.


Perhaps it's time to change the place of work and even the field of activity, doing what is more interesting and promising in the financial sense – the current stability does not allow you to develop.


Having got involved in repairs, in no case should you save on the quality of the material – otherwise, representatives of the sign will learn from their own experience the meaning of the proverb "a miser pays twice".


It is advisable to postpone financial transactions to another time, but if this is not possible, it is recommended to exercise increased caution: at least carefully read the text of the agreement.


A meeting with a person from the past, from whom you can get an offer to create a joint business, which will subsequently bring solid dividends, is worth agreeing to cooperate.


In the workplace, it is advisable to limit yourself exclusively to the performance of your direct duties: smoke breaks and empty talk will anger the management, which will lead to the deprivation of the bonus.