Migraine is a chronic disorder that affects approximately 10-15 percent of the world's population. It is characterized by recurrent moderate to severe headaches in one half of the head.

Although there is no panacea that can cure migraines completely and forever, there are a variety of methods to relieve unbearable headaches in a relatively short time.

According to Dr. Mayro, one such effective way to fight migraines is to immerse your feet in hot enough (but not boiling!) water.

The heat will dilate the blood vessels in the legs and draw blood from the head, which in turn will reduce the pressure on the blood vessels that cause the migraine, he briefly explains.

Higher sodium consumption can cause severe migraines

Although the method is effective in most cases, it should be noted that migraine itself is a complex condition and its causes and symptoms vary from person to person. Treatment may require an individual approach, including medications, lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, and in some cases, alternative therapies.

Some of the users claim that the method actually helps, while others say that the pain subsides, but only temporarily - while their feet are in the warm water, then the migraine returns again. Still others write that they will continue to adhere to the medications prescribed by their GP.

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