Video of this British-era passport goes viral

Many times such old things are found on the Internet, which make us directly aware of history. An Indian passport of 1928 has surfaced, whose video is going viral on social media. Seeing this, people are discussing the quality of passport paper issued in India at that time and the handwriting of the people. On checking the passport, it is known that the man had traveled mainly to Iraq and Iran between 1928 and 1938.

Passport of a clerk of the British Government

The video has been shared by an account named Vintage Passport Collector. The passport belongs to a man named Syed Mohammed Khalil Rahman Shah, who worked as a government clerk in British India. The passport pages reveal that his journey took him through Iraq to the middle of Iran and back to British India.

See the passport here:

Users lost in history

The video clipping has gone viral and has garnered more than 70,<> likes. Commenting on the video, a user wrote that the quality of the paper looks excellent. While another commented, "Interesting! It seems that Iran and Iraq were very popular destinations at that time. One user wrote that at that time people's handwriting was so good. One user wrote, "Understandable then India had a border with Iran and passports were made in Allahabad." When one wrote, this is amazing.: Blue marks suddenly appear on the thighs, there is a sign of serious problems occurring before periods, understand the symptoms and ways to prevent

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