Airtel sends woman for Rs 1 lakh international roaming from Delhi to Bihar

The arbitrariness of telecom companies has once again come to the fore. Neha Sinha, a Delhi-based writer, went to visit Bihar when Airtel allegedly sent a bill of Rs 1 lakh on her mobile and the company also stopped her service, leaving her stuck in the Valmiki Nagar border area. Neha took to social media to keep her point.

Sharing her ordeal on social media, Neha alleged that Airtel charged more than Rs 1 lakh for international roaming to stay in India. In the tweet, Neha wrote, 'A deadly scam! I am in Valmiki Nagar, Bihar. Airtel India has sent me a roaming bill of more than Rs 1 lakh. I am an Indian citizen on Indian soil. In case of no document bill, Airtel cuts my services. It's leaving me upset."

A terrible scam! I'm in Valmiki Nagar, Bihar. @airtelindia sends me a roaming bill of ₹1L+. I'm an INDIAN citizen on INDIAN soil. With no outstanding bill, Airtel cuts my services. Leaving me stranded!
Shame on you @airtelindia! Do look into this

— Neha Sinha (@nehaa_sinha) December 6, 2023

Seeking intervention from Union Minister

Seeking intervention from the law department and Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, Neha tagged them in her post. In her subsequent tweets, she pointed to the statutory risks from such accidental service cuts to women's safety.

Airtel cited the system

Reportedly, when Sinha tried to talk to Airtel regarding the issue, the response he got was disappointing. When I called Airtel to call, they said they couldn't do anything as the system itself had logged in. "Is the system God? What kind of system is this that harasses real people?"

Airtel reportedly demanded Rs 1,792 from Neha for the restoration of the SIM card. In the tweet, the company wrote, "Please accept our apologies for this problem. Share your respective Airtel number via DM so that we can see it further.