Other animals of the forest are also afraid of dreaded predators like lion, tiger, cheetah, leopard. Even if they are accidentally encountered, they consider it right to run backwards. Imagine if ever a person accidentally encounters them, then surely anyone's Sitti Pitti will be lost. Videos related to these dangerous animals often appear on the Internet, which are often heartbreaking. Recently a similar video is coming out, seeing which the ground will slip under your feet too. In the video, a person is seen passing through the road, but then a tiger running at high speed comes out in front of him, which leaves the person bewildered.

Watch the video here.

Is he the luckiest man alive. Tiger seems least bothered. From Corbett. pic.twitter.com/ZPOwXvTmTL

— Parveen Kaswan, IFS (@ParveenKaswan) December 8, 2023

The video has been shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by an Indian Forest Service officer (IFS Parveen Kaswan). Sharing the video, he wrote in the caption, 'Is this the luckiest person? In this video of just 41 seconds, it can be seen how a person is walking on the road with great ease. Meanwhile, there is an entry of a tiger there. It was not a cub, but an adult tiger, whose soul trembles with fear of the good at one roar. However, the person passing by the road was lucky that Tiger did not see him.

After watching this video shared on X on December 8, people are asking, is this the luckiest person? So far 4 lakh 76 thousand people have seen this video, while more than 5 thousand people have liked this video. Users are giving different types of reactions to the video. One user wrote, 'Sir, this is normal for people for Uttarakhand.' A third wrote: "Tiger was on fast."