This hit film is still loved by the audience

New Delhi:

It is not necessary that every film starts with the hero and heroine colliding and then falling in love at first sight. And then the whole film revolves around the same love story. There are also some films that serve the story of common people with minimal chilli masala and present them with a measured taunt. One such film is Peepli Live which depicted the pain of farmers. How that pain is mocked was also mentioned in the film. The film, which tells the real reality, touched the heart of the audience in such a way that the film made in 10 crores earned Rs 48 crores.

The film earned a bumper

The special thing about the film Peepli Live was that there was no big star in it, nor a very heavy location, the story was of farmers, so the story was also woven around them. It is woven in the same environment as the farmers live in. Artists were also selected who fit into the story and have done justice to it. Everything was filmed in such a realistic way with a dramatic story, which also lived up to the audience's choice. Because of which the film, made in a budget of only Rs 10 crore, earned Rs 48 crore.

Natha's Story

The story of the film is from a village named Peepli. Where a farmer lives. This farmer decides that he is ready to commit suicide to get compensation for the farmers. Instead of helping him to make the work easier, the media and others reach there to watch the spectacle. This bitter truth was presented as a taunt in the film.