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I will consult with the lawyers in the ministry on the issue of my resignation, because I have been appointed by the Prime Minister. The decision of the Health Commission is a precedent for me. This was stated by the Minister of Health prof. Hristo HinkovProf. Hristo Hinkov was born on March 25, 1953 in Sofia. On June 6, 2023, he was elected Minister in the show "More from the day" on BNT.

"The financial situation of "Pirogov" is not what is described by the director – at a profit. It has long been known that it is not good, so resort to borrowing to repay debts to creditors. The essential thing is that there is a violation of public procurement by a materially responsible person, there is nothing personal. I had to remove it after I received the report," he said.

In the words of Minister Hinkov, it is inexplicable that this case is so politicized, he described it as unprecedented. "These are serious financial violations. Instead of the director of "Pirogov" leaving, a wall of politicians stands in front of him, and the attacks are directed at the minister, even threatening the adoption of the budget. The reaction itself is unbalanced. Many directors have been changed over the years, this is normal, suddenly there was such a reaction. This is inexplicable to me. If it is proven that the data of the experts in the report are invented, I will resign," the health minister assured.

The Health Commission defended the head of "Pirogov" from dismissal until the ruling of all competent authorities

"There may be an appetite for my post. People don't realize what it is if they had – they wouldn't have such appetites." Hinkov. My goal is to establish and protect justice, he stressed.

Asked whether the Pirogov case was revenge after the removal of Defense Minister adviser Mustafa Emin, the health minister said: "The report was compiled on the basis of a signal from the food supplier company. This happens a week later. It has nothing to do with Minister Tagarev's advisor. A report was prepared on the case and handed over to the Minister of War."

"I have prepared a schedule of hospitals with state participation, which are to be checked. This is not some action, such audits are done periodically. If it comes to changing directors, they will be based on serious offenses, "assured Hristo Hinkov. Hristo Hinkov was born on March 25, 1953 in Sofia. On June 6, 2023, he was elected Minister of.

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