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On December 10, human rights are celebrated all over the world. The pity is that not all peoples enjoy them.

There are countries that set themselves up as defenders of them and yet they are the ones that violate them the most, within their borders and also outside them.

Let's go over the story.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was first adopted by the UN in 1948, on December 10, in response to the barbarity that had been seen after World War II.

In the document there are 30 rights that no one can take away from human beings, because we are born with them; Because the fact that we are human and live in societies legitimizes us to have respect and to accept them.

Being the most translated document in the world and currently in force, is it fulfilled? Does the United Nations have a responsibility to call for compliance?

You don't have to be an expert in international law to know that yes, they do. Remembering Fidel in a speech in front of the representatives of the countries that made up the UN a few years ago:

- What is the United Nations for?

We have not forgotten Palestine. Palestine is present every day in our minds, hearts and in every act we perform. I talk on the phone. I hang up and think of the journalists killed in Palestine who will never be able to make a phone call again. I drink a coffee and think of the mother who lost her son. I write and the children and people massacred by Zionist state terrorism come to mind. Of course, not a day goes by that we don't think of this brotherly people. A brotherly people not only of Cuba, but of proletarian internationalism. Wherever there is a person on the planet who feels any injustice as their own, Palestine has a relative.

Why does the world passively watch the massacre, the new Nakba, the terror in the eyes of those who have lost everything?

Does it make sense to celebrate a new year on Human Rights Day when most countries in the world skip them?

With what shame can they talk about democracy in their countries and accuse others of violating human rights when the UN does nothing to stop this genocide against the Palestinian people?

We have been seeing the United States and Israel violate human rights for years, yet they say that those who violate them are Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and any other country that does not submit to their sinister tyranny. Western media control always supports the communication strategy to generate in public opinion a chessboard on which the finger can be pointed at the bad countries: those that oppose the United States.

How funny! Countries that give more social guarantees to their inhabitants than the monster of North America. But it is not in their interest to see the benefits of socialism as a system, even though Cuba is socialist today.

If the impassivity continues, if the general apathy continues, if the United Nations continues to do nothing while colonialism disappears an entire people; Let them not doubt that at any time, when it comes to a whim, or simply of commercial, geopolitical or strategic interest, it will be the turn of any of them. To any of their countries, their families, their cities. To any of those who did not raise their voices for Palestine.

It's never too late to go over to the side of dignity. Not countries anymore, but people. You haven't spoken out yet and you're reading this.

Long live free Palestine!