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This is not a change, but a return to the old name, chosen by the founders and first heads of the cardiac hospital. Among them is prof. Dr. Alexander Chirkov, who expressed the categorical opinion that during his lifetime the name "St. Ekaterina" should remain after him. This is stated in the official position of the hospital on the occasion of numerous inquiries about the change of the name of the University Hospital "Prof. Dr. Alexander Chirkov.

Two public petitions, which show the names of famous medics, also contain arguments in defense of the old name. They were sent to the previous Minister of Health and one of them contained over 150 signatures of intellectuals. At the same time, another letter was received from the teams and employees of the hospital with convincing motives and with the explicit insistence: "we protest and appeal to return its old name!".

The letter is accompanied by a new subscription, which contains the names of 119 prominent doctors, professors, lecturers. Part of the motives of all these demands are: "The name St. Catherine was chosen by the founders of the hospital with the direct participation of the Theological Faculty of Sofia University and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

Free prophylactic examinations at the University Hospital "Prof. Dr. Alexander Chirkov

At the insistence of prof. Al. The consecration was carried out by Patriarch Maxim as a sign of perpetuation and this gives a special status to the hospital. According to church canons and primordial traditions, this status and name change can only be carried out by another Bulgarian patriarch."

Over the years, the name "St. Catherine" has become a byword and is recognizable both to patients and to the medical guild in Bulgaria and around the world.

We would like to emphasize that at the main entrance of the hospital there is a sign indicating that the hospital was founded by prof. Dr. Alexander Chirkov. Immediately above the lobby, under the icon of "St. Catherine", is his portrait on display.

Now that the old name of the hospital has been restored, the management intends to rename block A in the name of "Prof. Dr. Alexander Chirkov".

It is also envisaged the construction of a bust-monument to the founder of the hospital, which will be placed in a prominent place in the medical institution.

In this way, the will of prof. Dr. Alexander Chirkov the hospital to be called "St. Ekaterina" and will be paid tribute and respect to the famous cardiac surgeon.

These are the main reasons for the decision of the new management of the Ministry of Health to restore the original name of the hospital "St. Catherine". This fact received the approval of doctors and patients and comprehensive public support.

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