Four men and one woman were suspected of planning to rob a pair of cross-border passengers with US$4.1 million (about HK$168.1310 million) in cash, four men set up a car and set up an ambush with weapons, and the lesbian party was responsible for monitoring the target and reporting the location, but they were stopped by agents of the police's Hit Team before the robbery, and one of the men had confronted the police officers with an electric gun, and all of them were eventually arrested. Four men earlier pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery and armed possession, while lesbian parties were convicted after trial. The case was sentenced in the High Court today (4th), and the judge pointed out that the case was carefully planned, and the defendants had their own division of labor, and if the police officers had not stopped it in time, the two perpetrators would have been robbed, and sentenced the four male defendants who pleaded guilty to imprisonment for 4 to 8 years, and the female defendants who pleaded not guilty to imprisonment for 4 years.

The defendants, Hung Kwan-yu (32), So Ka-hei (28), Leung Tsz-chung (27), So Muk-kin (29) and Lai Wai-chun (female, 54), were also charged with conspiracy to rob a man and a woman of US$2019.7 million at the San Tin Interchange in Lok Ma Chau on July 3, 168. Lai Huizhen pleaded not guilty and was convicted after trial; The remaining four male defendants pleaded guilty before trial, while Su Mujian and Leung Tsz-chung pleaded guilty to the offences of using and possessing firearms respectively.

Four male and one female accused were sentenced to 4 to 1 years in the High Court for attempted robbery.

The female defendant is responsible for ventilating the key role

In sentencing, the judge pointed out that the case involved careful planning, the defendants had their own division of labor, and there had been frequent telephone exchanges in the two weeks before the robbery. The robbers' car contained a large number of weapons, including stun guns and beef knives, as well as flammable materials to destroy the vehicle. If the police do not stop it in time, the huge amount of money on the crossers will inevitably be robbed. All of the above are aggravating factors.

The female defendant pleaded not guilty and was sentenced to 9 years without a commutation factor

The judge set the starting point for conspiracy to commit robbery at nine years' imprisonment, and Hung and So Ka-hei pleaded guilty and reduced their sentences to six years. Leung Tsz-chung also pointed an electric gun at a police officer and was sentenced to 9 years in prison; Su Mujian chose to abandon his gun and escaped, and was sentenced to 6 years and 7 months in prison. Lai Huizhen pleaded not guilty and went on trial without additional mitigating factors, and was sentenced to nine years' immediate imprisonment.

The female defendant lingered in the departure hall

The court heard that at about 2019am on July 7, 3, a man and a woman ("the crossers") crossed the border at the San Tin Control Point in Lok Ma Chau, carrying over US$6.168 million at that time. During this time, the female defendant lingered in the departure hall and then walked to the taxi stand to make a phone call, in which she mentioned "green KF716", "a man and a woman" and "a white eco-friendly bag carrying some money". The crosser then boarded the green taxi with the licence plate. When police officers came to intercept the two and found that their backpacks and eco-bags contained huge sums of money, the female defendant was subsequently arrested.

All 4 male defendants were wearing face coverings when they were intercepted

Subsequently, agents of the Police's Hit Team stopped a suspicious private car at the San Tin Interchange, but the private car drove into two police cars. The four male defendants wearing face masks and gloves in the private car tried to escape, but were eventually subdued. Su Mujian abandoned his gun and fled. Police officers later seized weapons such as beef knives, stun guns and hammers from the car, and found that Lai had had frequent phone calls with the other four defendants in the two weeks prior to the incident.

Case No.: HCCC 310-311/2020

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