Hundreds of drones pierced the night sky over the sea surface of Victoria Harbour, forming patterns in a colourful array of colours, and drone shows became increasingly popular.
In the recent drone shows, local company DMD Digital Art has been in charge of the behind-the-scenes team, including the international fashion brand LV, the Police's campaign to promote anti-scammer activities, the Wan Chai Night Fun Show, and even the performance in the West Kowloon Cultural District tonight (9th).
Yang Zhenyu, Chief Operating Officer of DMD Digital Art, said that after its establishment five years ago, there was a long period of time under the epidemic, and he could only wait until the performance of the "Hong Kong Night Fun" Wan Chai Night Market in October this year became a turning point, and the drone show suddenly became famous. At the end of last month, he planned LV's drone show, and finally came to an end. He admitted that he has been questioned a lot in the past, and even dreamed of hanging the drone, but he always needs to persevere, and when you insist on it, you will push yourself to another level.

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From finance to entrepreneurship, technology is used to present art

Yeung Chun-yu himself is a financial talent, working in an investment bank, and hoped to start a business and develop a high-tech business that Hong Kong did not yet have.

DMD Digital Art was founded in 2018, but soon after the 2019 social movement, followed by the three-year epidemic, which resulted in most of the time almost stopped. Yang Zhenyu said that he had encountered a lot of doubts in the past, "At the beginning, many people told me that it was difficult to fight, 'Hong Kong, how can you do it carefully?'" 」

At the beginning, I encountered the epidemic of social movement, and there was a chance to persevere

Insisting on bringing returns, Yeung Chun-yu has since received cooperation opportunities, such as the "25th Anniversary" performance at Tai Po Waterfront Park; In addition, there were performances by various private organisations and schools, and this year's performance by Sun Life Financial broke a Hong Kong record of 1,500 drones.

DMD Digital Art was founded in 2018 and has been struggling to operate during the pandemic. (Photo by Lu Yiming)

Each battery needs to be charged for 2 hours, and more than <>,<> batteries are installed by hand

Although Yang Zhenyu is the chief operating officer, the company is not large, and often plays several roles by himself, and needs to work as a pilot, logistics, and even the charging of drones. Even if each performance is only 15 to 18 minutes, each battery needs to be charged for about two hours, and each performance can range from 200 drones to more than <>,<> drones.

The drone battery and charging pad need to be placed and charged one by one. (Photo by Lu Yiming)

Wan Chai's night became a turning point, and the LV show only took a month to prepare

On the morning of the interview, Yang Zhenyu had just finished his work in the mainland and rushed back to the office. He believes that the Wan Chai Night Festival was a turning point, which made the public more aware of the drone show, and many people attended the show. Later, on November 11, it ushered in the cooperation of LV Fashion Thoroughfare, which became a hot topic in the city.

Yang Zhenyu recalled the cooperation with LV, and said with a smile that the biggest challenge was the time problem, which usually takes three months to prepare for the same scale, but this time it was only a month, and because LV was not familiar with the geographical situation of Hong Kong, it was also its "blind bamboo" at that time, such as the location, height and length of the stage, how to best cooperate. He described it as "one minute on stage, ten years off stage", when he had to hold remote meetings with LV in France every night, and had to revise the graphic design and system procedures, but it was indeed very successful.

Celebrities also punch in and have a sense of success

Lin Langxuan, the project manager of DMD Digital Art, who also wears many hats but is responsible for designing the patterns, said that the LV performance was very memorable and proud, and "I felt a sense of success with many stars checking in". He added that the performance also further deepened the public's understanding of the drone show, and many onlookers watched, "Many people passed by and were curious, 'Do you have a show today?' How much is it? I'm going to see it!' 」

Lin Langxuan, Project Manager of DMD Digital Art (right) (photo by Lu Yiming)

After several years of waiting, DMD Digital Art is finally on track, and the government is pushing forward with the District Council election, and the drone show will be carried out by the West Kowloon Cultural District tonight.

Keep an eye on every important performance and see drones in your dreams

Recalling his doubts in the past, Yang Zhenyu said: "In fact, many times I am blind at night, I may be doing LV, I may be doing night colorful, I am blind at night, even if I dream of drones, but when you hold on a little longer, you will push (push) yourself to another level."

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