Under its influence, we will tend to exaggerate our advantages, life and professional achievements, and, as a result, our own importance for people around us and the world in general. Such beliefs will not be shared by everyone, so there is a high probability of ambiguous and unpleasant situations. Therefore, it is desirable – under any circumstances – to behave more modestly and not to protrude your person.


It is necessary to abandon any – including minor – financial transactions, since even replenishment of the phone account can lead to unpleasant financial losses.


The day is not suitable not only for work, which is quite natural on a weekend, but also for creativity: everything will fall out of hand – in the literal sense of the word – so you will not be able to create a masterpiece.


Even when doing household chores, you should not be scattered on several tasks at once – success in this case will not be achieved: it is better to "line up" them in order of importance and start with the most important thing.


The success of this day will accompany those who will be able to find the golden mean between active action and absolute idleness – this way you will fulfill your plan of household chores and avoid overwork.


Money must be spent sparingly: the approaching holiday pushes you to serious expenses, but it is worth remembering that you will need money for life after it - you should not completely empty your wallet.


You can maintain good relationships with other people only by limiting communication with them as much as possible, but if you fail to isolate yourself, you need to be prepared for possible conflicts.


Do not get irritated in response to the careless words of loved ones – most likely, they did not even think of offending you, but it is your emotional reaction that can lead to a conflict.


It's important to be patient with the people around you – in this case, your family members: before you respond harshly, remember that, after all, you're not a gift either.


It is advisable to devote the day – it's good that it's a day off on the calendar – to children and elderly relatives: during the working week – for obvious reasons – you don't have enough time for this, which leads to insults on their part.


A quarrel with a loved one on this day can lead to conflict – up to separation, so – if, of course, you think it is possible – it is better to postpone all serious conversations with him to another time.


Businesses started on this day are deliberately doomed to failure, so it is better not to rush to implement new projects, even when it comes to everyday issues, but it is not only possible but also necessary to think about them.


Doing what you love will help you replenish your depleting supply of energy: during the working week, your hands usually do not reach it, but today you can – and should! – spend time with pleasure.