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(CNN) -- Adele says there's a reason she's only released four albums, and it's not what you think.

Accepting the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award Thursday at the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment event, Adele admitted on stage that she feels "a little out of reach" receiving the award considering she has only released four albums in her 17-year career.

"It feels like it just arrived," she said.

Following the success of his 2008 debut album "19," he released "21" in 2011, "25" in 2015, and "30" in 2021.

During her speech Thursday, Adele said she sometimes wonders "if people think I'm calculated when I disappear for years" between albums, or that she's "evasive" and believes that "less is more."

Well, according to Adele, it's none of the above.


The "real reason" she has only released four albums to date is based on a decision she made after "getting pregnant" at the height of her hugely popular 21 album "2011," which she said many would have considered "career suicide."

"However, because I always wanted to go against the grain, I was there and then I chose to reject scarcity as excess and the idea that you have to be constantly relevant to be successful, and that maybe, just maybe, you can be a hit both on and off stage," he said.

"And you'll never guess what. [I] got away with it," he said proudly on stage as the audience cheered and applauded.

The reason, she said, is because of "all the sacrifices women made before me."

"It is thanks to them that I have every right to be a boss at work and a boss at home," she added.