Bianca Jacques is a 61-year-old woman who has worked as a police officer in the past, then owned a restaurant, and to date performs on the erotic platform OnlyFans, where she earns thousands of dollars a month. Apart from that, on Instagram Jacques boasts over 120 thousand. Following.

In an interview with Jam Press, the woman said she spent 17 years with police when she decided she needed a change.

I left the police service because I felt I had nothing more to give her. I wasn't happy and needed a change in my life, says Jacques, who left police in 2012.

With the money saved, she opened her own restaurant, which she maintained and developed for five years, until her business venture went bankrupt and she was forced to close the restaurant.

Unemployed, but still with enough money in her bank account, Bianca begins to look for a new field of expression from which to make money. During this time, she took part in several bodybuilding competitions, where she met a person who had a website. In it, anyone who has a sculpted body and possesses impressive muscles can send a few photos and upload to the site in question, for which they will receive payment.

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From that moment on, Bianca entered the virtual world and over time began experimenting with erotic content.

I signed contracts with several other sites where I gradually gained confidence and courage, she admits.

This is how it entered the erotic content trading offered by the OnlyFans platform. According to her, she manages to earn about $ 1600,<> a week.

"As a matter of fact, I get a lot of compliments on how I look. A lot of people tell me they don't give me the years I'm in. Some even ask me if I made a mistake when I wrote my age in my profile," she said.

Finally, she reveals that she underwent plastic surgery years ago, but she no longer intends to make any aesthetic adjustments and now feels satisfied with the way she looks.

I am a positive person, I am open minded and I do not stop smiling, the former law enforcement officer is adamant.

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