Winters without room heater: You can keep your home warm even without room heater


  • The cold will reach its peak in a few days.
  • You can keep yourself warm even without using a room heater.
  • Just follow these easy life hacks.

Ankit Shwetabh: The winter season is here. This year's winter is a bit too much. Often people go out to celebrate vacation somewhere in this season. People stay at home for a short time. But if you are planning to stay at home this year, then these winter life hacks can be very useful to you. If you try them, then you will not even need to install a room heater at your home completely cold.

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Easy Winter Life Hacks

Put this hot thing in the house

Make sure to lay rugs on the floor in every room throughout your house. This will not make your feet cold. Laying rugs will keep your floor as well as your room a little warmer.

Use a hot water bag

Hot water bags are the best and safest option to warm yourself while sleeping at night. By using it, you can keep yourself warm for a long time. Also, sleeping with it will also make you fall asleep quickly.

Put heavy curtains

Putting heavy curtains on the doors and windows of the house will not bring cold air to the house. This will keep your home warm and you will not feel cold. You will not need a room heater.

Add full sleeve clothes

If you are at your home in cold weather, try to wear clothes with full sleeves. Keep your hands and feet well covered. Use woolen socks and woolen pants to cover the feet.