Because of this, the famous comedian started getting slapped

New Delhi:

If there is talk of comedy in Bollywood, then Rajpal Yadav's name will definitely come. Some of his comedy-adorned films are so tremendous that due to which he is also called the King of Comedy. His comic timing and dialogue delivery make every scene fun. But the one who makes you laugh so much on the screen has done every scene without any difficulty. Rajpal Yadav has also faced such incidents many times when it was difficult to keep his face normal even if he made others laugh. Once he has really been slapped on the set.

Literally licked in the scene

This incident is related to the film Chup Chup Ke in which Rajpal Yadav was really slapped by the people present there during the shooting of a scene. However, even after that, Rajpal Yadav executed that shot well and did not let the pain be felt. This was the scene of the film in which Rajpal Yadav teases a woman. But then people come after him to kill him. In this scene, some people reach him and literally slap him in Tish.

This advice from the director

This information related to the film was given by Rajpal Yadav himself in an interview. He had told that when he really got slapped in the scene, at first he remained calm. But people were increasing and it seemed that there would not be more slaps anywhere. Then he informed director Priyadarshan about this. Then Priyadarshan explained to the people present there that they do not really have to kill. Rather, you just have to take action. But the director did not want to take any risk even after this, after which he kept the scene as much as people come to Rajpal Yadav to kill him. And stopped Sean before that.