This horror film of South earned more than the budget

New Delhi:

A film in which no big star took interest, but its flow echoed abroad. A film that was said you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off it during the entire film. There are many interesting facts associated with such a film, after hearing about which you will say that wow, how hard work was done, which was finally successful. This film is Sohum Shah's Tumbbad movie. In this film, Sohum Shah looked quite different from his other films Gulaab Gang, Simran and Talware. The facts related to this film made on a fictional village can still surprise you.

The location of the shooting was special

There are many facts related to the film that are shocking. For the shooting of the film, the makers were looking for a place that looked a bit mysterious. That's why the location was chosen where no one thought of shooting for the last hundred years. It took six years to complete this film. In these six years, the main character of the film, Sohum Shah, controlled his weight so much that there was no change in continuity. He had gained 18 kg and maintained it for six years. Due to the hard work of the entire cast and crew, the film, made in just 5 crores, earned more than Rs 13 crores.

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The story of this god

Tumbbad movie is based on a god named Hastar. These are said to be gods who are the sons of the goddess of prosperity. After this, 16 crore gods and goddesses are born. Being the eldest son, Hastar is Devi's beloved son but also greedy. Those whom the Goddess gives a chance to choose between gold or grain. Hastar tries to capture gold as well as grain. A family builds a temple of such a deity. But after that he has to go through a lot of ups and downs. This is India's first film which was also shown in Venice International Film Critics Week.