Social media discussion about this street barber of South Delhi

Barbers sitting on the road with an umbrella are usually seen in every corner of Indian cities and towns. From haircuts to shaving, these street barbers have the facility, but can you imagine that one can ever compare it with a high-level salon. Recently, a digital marketer shared a picture of a barber in South Delhi and claimed that the services available here are no less than hi-fi salons, after which a new debate started on social media.

Shubho Sengupta (@shubhos), an X user and a digital marketer, posted about a barber who has a shop on the pavement in the posh Greater Kailash Market in South Delhi. Sengupta said Rohtas Singh, a barber, charges only Rs 50 for a haircut and his shop is in the GK2M Block market. In the same market, he competes with high-end saloons like Tony & Guy and Truefitt & Hill, which charge anywhere between Rs 700 and Rs 2,000.

Sengupta said he has been to all such places and according to him, they are all of the same quality. "Support small entrepreneurs, they may not be CEOs on LinkedIn, but they are the ones who pull the economy up," he wrote. He also gave the barber's mobile phone number in the post and said that he also provides his services at his home in nearby areas.

Rohtas Singh charges Rs 50 for a haircut, at a pavement shop in GK2 M Block Market in South Delhi. His competition at the same market - Tony&Guy, Truefitt&Hill, Gitanjali, etc charge Rs 700 to Rs 2000.
I have been to all places and can tell you with authority they all offer the...

— shubho sengupta (@shubhos) December 5, 2023

Debate started on X

The post has been viewed more than 6 lakh times so far. However, the tweet sparked a debate on how a haircut from a barber on the street could be more beneficial for the economy. One user wrote, "How is my Rs 2000 Truffit haircut less impactful on the economy than the Rs 50 paid to the sidewalk shop." Another wrote, well said. The backbone of thriving economies is not celebrities, but small business owners doing everyday work. Support them and uplift your community too.

Another user wrote: "Tony and Guy not only get a haircut but also a luxurious experience. They have salons in the most expensive malls, they pay hefty rent, have clean shops, well-behaved staff who have good hygiene and don't smell like pan masala. One wrote: "I think the two can live together, like there are other mid-tier salons that charge 100-150 for haircuts and have good shops. Similarly, we sometimes enjoy street food but you take your family to good restaurants.