With Christmas approaching, the Government has co-ordinated various sectors to encourage local consumption. The Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Kevin Yeung, and a number of bureaux and the business sector held an inter-departmental meeting to announce a series of measures. "Hong Kong 01" will be livestreamed.

This year, Lee Tung Street has designed a series of Christmas art installations under the theme of "The Wishing Stars". (Photo by Xia Jialang)

[16:20] American diva Taylor Swift, who is on a global tour, is the star of the year in "Time", but will not be performing in Hong Kong. Mr Yeung pointed out that many performance venues in Hong Kong are full, and Hong Kong has also held various major events, such as the recent fashion show on the waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui, which attracted many foreign celebrities or local celebrities, and the related videos have been viewed by more than <> million, which proves that Hong Kong is capable of hosting large-scale events.

[16:15] Yeung Yun-hung pointed out that the last "Policy Address" proposed a <>-year blueprint for cultural construction, the construction of a new museum, the plan hopes to see the pop culture museum, the intangible cultural heritage experience hall, and the second museum of the Hong Kong Museum of Art in the southern district.

In terms of the Science Museum, the exhibition needs more space to be upgraded, and the expansion project can be carried out, but the space is insufficient, and there are plans to relocate, and when the cultural center vacates space, it can be moved in, or a larger science museum can be rebuilt.

As for the original site of the Science Museum, it is considered that it is more suitable to build a national development museum in the urban area, and the number of museums will increase to more than 20 in the future, and whether to build a new museum and cultural center can be studied when necessary.

[16:00] Director of the Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yeung Yun-hung said that since the government held a colorful night, the atmosphere in the market has become lively; In the future, the District Attach├ęs will organise more district activities to encourage consumption on the streets, and the Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism will organise more large-scale cultural events.

He said that an inter-departmental meeting was held today and there was a consensus at the meeting that the Government should take the lead in creating an environment and that various sectors should promote innovative and diversified activities and offers to attract local residents and tourists. Government departments are pushing for feasible solutions, such as transport concessions. The offer will be extended to the Lunar New Year, and the HKTB will organise fireworks and float parades to enhance public sentiment. He also pointed out that with more than 11 million visitors to Hong Kong in November this year, industry representatives will continue to introduce appropriate discounts, and new activities will be announced in due course.

The Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Kevin Yeung, held an inter-departmental and cross-sectoral meeting in the afternoon to discuss the co-ordination of various sectors to encourage local consumption, with the participation of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, the Development Bureau, the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Transport and Logistics Bureau, as well as representatives from the catering, retail, shopping malls and transport sectors.

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