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The moon is a waning phase in Libra until 05:36 on December 9

Days of harmony and health. Receptivity to all that is beautiful increases, sensitivity to all manifestations of rudeness and disharmony increases. It's not a good time for business. It is favorable for new acquaintances, for welcoming guests, for cultural events. Time to strengthen communication with loved ones, love relationships. A good time for a truce, for the restoration of broken relations. People become more peaceful, subconsciously avoid disputes and conflicts, but are prone to indecision, filled with hesitations and doubts.

Suitable: to cleanse pores and remodel the skin. Peeling: mechanical, retinol, laser, ultrasound. Epilation, depilation. Pedicure, manicure.

The most vulnerable at the moment are the kidneys, endocrine system, especially the subgastric gland. People with diabetes and problems with the pancreas should be especially careful.

Lunar calendar: 24 lunar day from 01:40 on December 7 to 02:43 on December 8

Symbols of the day: bear, Shiva. This is a day for everyone who has put things off for a while. Today, you can finally get up and get work done in a week in a day. This type of person is reminiscent of a bear that, after a period of long hibernation, wakes up and can move mountains.

Stones of the day: blue jade, citrine, malachite, black jasper, turquoise, obsidian.

The day has heavy and unstable energy.

The 24th lunar day is the day of male energy. During this period, we almost never follow the call of the heart, but instead are ruled by the mind. A day for transmutation of consciousness and mental alchemy. You may experience an unusual surge of emotions, strength and energy. Many people fail to cope with this powerful energy. In a sense, this is a day when we take a breather after the aggression of the past days.

On that lunar day, Jerusalem was destroyed. The day is about the energy of Pluto. The 24th lunar day contains within itself a great transformative and creative power. On this day, hidden forces awaken within us. They should not be misused and the reserve capabilities of the body should be spent. They should only be used for creative purposes. A time of destroying the old and creating the new.

The 24th lunar day is an auspicious day for creativity, especially for creating works of art and presenting them to the world. A day for creative and non-standard solutions. It is beneficial to spend in small company talking about spiritual topics or for meditating together, listening to music or watching a movie. According to the lunar calendar, a journey that begins on the 24th day will invariably bring good luck and success.

Plans best not to do, but to live according to a free schedule trusting intuition and case. Pay attention to all symbolic signs. If you can, spend more time in nature. Today it heals and energizes.

A wonderful time for the whole family. As a rule, even the most serious contradictions subside on this day. It is necessary to use the given time and fix family relationships. By the way, if yesterday you managed to quarrel with someone, today is a good day to try to take a step towards reconciliation or at least offer a well-deserved apology. Today, you can not only do it, but you also need to deal with love. Good and prolonged sex on this day serves excellently as a prophylactic against many diseases.

Today's haircut or hair alignment brings only benefit. Gain additional energy that is needed in the next few days.

One of the crystals of the day is malachite. Absorbs negative energy, protects against pollution (energy and physical), protects against accidents, alleviates fears associated with travel. Offers protection during air travel. Carry a small crystal in hand luggage, a handbag or even in your pocket when flying. It can be worn on or near the heart chakra, such as a necklace or bracelet.

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