Tell in 5 seconds how many cats are there in the picture with only 3 legs?

Brain Teaser: A brain teaser drawing attention to X is making people scratch their heads. The teaser shows a series of cats. Some of them have only three legs. Are you confident in your puzzle solving skills? If yes, try to solve this puzzle in five seconds or less.

The caption of the brain teaser shared on X reads, "How many cats with only 3 legs?" At first glance, all cats seem to have four legs. However, if you look carefully, you will be able to see three-legged cats. The current task is to find all three-legged cats within a time limit of five seconds. Are you ready? Your time begins now...

How many cats with only 3 paws?

— •Ɛɱɱყ• (@brixwe) December 2, 2023

The brain teaser was shared on December 3. It has since been viewed more than 24,3 times, and the numbers are still growing. Some puzzle enthusiasts are giving their answers in the comment section to share their thoughts. One person posted, "I'm getting 3," while another said, "3 of them are missing a leg," while a third wrote, "Only '<> with three paws,' a fourth commented, "Impossible to tell for sure."

Many people unanimously wrote '3' as the answer to this brain teaser in the comment section.