The premiere took place at The Curzon Bloomsbury in London. This time, Portman took to the track in a blazer that she looks like she wore over her naked body and Schiaparell pants from the fall/winter 2023 collection.

Natalie Portman / Photo: Getty Images

Natalie gathered her hair into a sleek bun, did makeup with glittery eyeshadow on her eyelids and highlighted her lips with pink lipstick.

Julianne Moore also took to the track in a black outfit and a leather coat. The actress had the same light makeup on her face, and large gold earrings in her ears. Along with them, actor Charles Melton appeared in front of the cameras.

Natalie Portman, Charles Melton and Julianne Moore / Photo: Getty Images

Recall that in the center of the plot of the film are the spouses Joe and Gracie, who were once a student and teacher, and now are raising twins. They decide to make a feature film about their story. The actress who is supposed to play Gracie comes to visit them to better prepare for the role, but her arrival puts family happiness in jeopardy.

Recall that Natalie Portman arrived at the premiere in Los Angeles almost in the image of a "black swan".