Leaves for Long Age: Eating these leaves every morning will increase the lifespan of your life


  • Do you want to live 100 years?
  • Start consuming these leaves from today.
  • Their benefits are mentioned in Ayurveda.

Ankit Shwetabh: Due to today's changing lifestyle, the average age of people has decreased. Living 80 years in today's time is considered too much. All this has happened due to bad environment and bad food. But in olden times, people used to live comfortably even for 110 years. Ayurveda still claims that people can live for 100 years. According to this, there are some leaves that can increase your age by eating raw regularly in the morning. These leaves are rich in medicinal properties.

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5 Leaves to Increase your Lifespan

the shrub holy basil

Tulsi leaves are also used as a medicine along with worship. It has immunity booster properties. If you consume basil leaves regularly in any form, then many diseases will stay away from you.


Often evergreen plants freeze in people's gardens or around the house. The more its flower is used, the more are the benefits of its leaves. Chewing Sadabahar leaves reduces the risk of disease like cancer.


Neem has always been used as an essential medicine. It works as a natural detox. By eating its leaves, your blood will be clean and there will be no skin related disease.


Just as celery seeds relieve stomach problems, eating celery leaves also keeps the stomach and digestive system right. This can eliminate your problem from the root.

curry leaf

Curry leaves are considered a panacea in Ayurveda. Many health experts consider the consumption of this leaf to be the best. Eating curry leaves keeps blood pressure and cholesterol under control.

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