Oleg Nychyporchuk, a dentist and founder of the Center for Dentistry and Implantation, shares the secrets of care with the concept of professional care for the whole family.

The oral cavity is the organ with the highest concentration of microbes, regardless of age.

Proper care is the key to a healthy and radiant smile. We were not taught as children how to properly care for our teeth, which is why today it is difficult to find an adult without any filling. Modern professional and home remedies allow you to maintain dental health. The main thing is to follow the rules and form habits. And we do not have such habits and therefore it is difficult for us to maintain the health of our teeth and even more difficult to teach our own child. Because children can only be taught by their own example. I say this as a father of two. My wife has been afraid of the dentist since childhood, and that is why she is one of the most frequent clients of the dentist. When we opened the clinic together, we set a mission to form a family culture of dental care without pain and stress. Today, our children are happy to go to the dentist and are reminded that it's time to brush their teeth.

The secret is simple: we follow the rules, and the children repeat after us. Key rules of dental care:

1. Form a family culture of dental care - go to the dentist, make an appointment for your child in parallel, or vice versa. To do this, we have implemented a loyalty system in our clinic: professional hygiene for the family.

2. Set aside time - 3 minutes in the morning and evening to brush your teeth and use a dental watch. This thing turns the procedure of brushing children's teeth into a game, and helps adults to control time.

3. Change your brush every 3 months, and immediately after going to the dentist.

4. Use assistive devices. No brush can clean plaque between teeth like flossing or brushing. And the irrigator helps to clean all invisible food residues under the gums with a stream of water. If you have bleeding, then this thing is indispensable in combination with a professional mouthwash.

5. Supervise dental care at the age of 6-7 years - this is the foundation of healthy teeth for life. At this age, enamel is formed and its quality depends on careful care and cleaning of the teeth. We recommend helping your child brush their teeth at this age.

6. The most important thing is professional hygiene - every 4-6 months for adults and children. Home care is half the battle. It is impossible to remove all plaque with home remedies, so over time it turns into stones, which becomes the root cause of caries. Professional hygiene perfectly cleans your teeth from plaque and tartar and eliminates all inflammatory processes only at the stage of formation. In our clinic, we carry out hygiene under a microscope, if there are the first signs of inflammation, we immediately eliminate them.

If you follow these rules, your teeth will remain healthy and snow-white for a long time. I can't guarantee that you won't have any fillings, but if you follow the rules with the whole family, then your children will definitely have fewer fillings, pain and stress. And a trip to the dentist will be associated with time for smiles. It's time to smile - that's the slogan we recommend taking care of your teeth. If you have any questions, then every Wednesday at 13:30 p.m., I analyze the cases live and answer questions.

See you on the page of the Center for Dentistry and Implantation Dr. Nichiporchuk.