During the operation, a total of 6 illegal petrol filling stations were smashed, 5,2 litres of illegal diesel fuel were seized, 5 tank trucks and a large number of fuel filling tools, with a total value of over $3,56, and 5 men aged between 45 and 50 were intercepted, who will be prosecuted. Together with this operation, the FSD has seized more than 50,1 litres of illicit fuel so far this year, with a market value of over $000 million, which is 3% more than the figure for the whole of last year.

FSD's Assistant District Chief of Fire Services [Task Force (Anti-Illegal Fuelling Activities)] Wong Wai-man (left) and Senior Fire Officer [Task Force (Anti-Illegal Fuelling Activities)] (right) of the Fire Services Department (FSD) today (7th) announced the results of the two-day crackdown on illegal petrol filling stations. (Photo by Cai Zhengbang)

Senior Fire Officer [Task Force (Anti-Illegal Bunkering Activities)] Wong Hung-lit of the Fire Services Department said that after several months of intelligence analysis and deployment, officers yesterday first attacked three illegal petrol filling stations located on Tsing Sheung Road and Tsing Sheung Lane in Tsing Yi, pointing out that the two roads are part of the road network connecting the Kwai Tsing Container Terminal and are also the only way leading to the public cargo loading and unloading area, so a large number of trucks pass through; Officers today smashed two illegal petrol filling stations at Hong Po Road and Yeung Ching Road in Tuen Mun, describing them as being located in remote and secluded places and at a distance from residential areas, making them difficult to detect. He mentioned that the five illegal petrol filling stations have been investigated by the authorities for several years and have been cracked down on before, and it cannot be ruled out that they are revived.

He added that the operation modes of the illegal petrol filling stations vary from one to the other, such as using a tank truck to transfer the fuel directly, or using unsuitable containers such as "dice tanks" or oil drums to store them in a bucket truck, in an attempt to disguise themselves as ordinary trucks, etc., in an attempt to conceal people's eyes or reduce the number confiscated by the authorities. Recently, there have also been new patterns, such as changing the location or opening hours of petrol filling stations from time to time, and arranging manpower and even private cars to stand guard in the vicinity, and even tracking suspicious persons or vehicles to confirm whether they are law enforcement officers, thus increasing the difficulty of law enforcement by the authorities.

A number of tanker trucks were parked at the illegal petrol filling station on Yeung Ching Road, Tuen Mun, and three of them violated fire safety regulations. (Photo by Cai Zhengbang)

Assistant Fire Services District Officer [Task Force (Anti-Illegal Bunkering Activities)] Wong Wai-man also pointed out that it was initially believed that the fuel was of local origin, and the detailed source was still to be investigated. Officers conducted inspections on a number of dangerous goods vehicles at the scene and found that 3 vehicles were in breach of fire safety requirements and their legal licences would be temporarily revoked, while the 5 men intercepted were suspected of contravening the Dangerous Goods Ordinance, the Dangerous Goods (Control) Regulation and the Fire Services (Fire Hazard Elimination) Regulation and would be prosecuted later.

He emphasised that the Fire Services Department (FSD) has been committed to combating illegal bunkering activities, and has conducted more than 60 enforcement actions, instituted over 200 prosecutions in the past year, and has been sentenced to imprisonment for suspected operation of illegal bunkering activities. The prescription also aims to change the strategy, increase resources and combat actions against illegal petrol filling stations, which have seized more than 50,38 litres of illicit fuel so far this year, nearly 5% more than the 3.<> kilograms of fuel confiscated in the whole of last year. He appealed to members of the public not to patronise illegal petrol filling stations as they lack safety facilities or fire-fighting equipment, which can cause serious consequences in the event of a fire, and urged members of the public to report if they find it.