How To Gain Weight Naturally: The body does not feel as much as some people eat.

Weight Gain Tips: Many people are troubled by their lean body, the way it seems difficult to reduce obesity, in the same way weight gain is equally difficult. Having a thin body can cause embarrassment. There are some people that no matter how much they eat, the body does not feel it. In such a situation, they keep looking for ways to gain weight, diet to gain weight, ways to gain weight, ways to become obese. However, there are home remedies for weight gain that can do wonders and give quick results. Although many people buy gyms, expensive proteins and products to gain weight, but can you gain weight fast without spending extravagantly? Here we have brought home protein powder for you to gain weight which can show its effect very quickly. The best part about this protein powder is that the ingredients used in this recipe are easily available in the market and affordable too.

How to make protein powder at home for weight gain?

First, place a pan on medium flame and add peanuts to it. Dry roast them well. Add roasted peanuts and chana in a blender and mix well to make a smooth powder. Sieve the powder with the help of a sieve and homemade protein powder is ready to increase your weight.

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How to use this powder for weight gain?

Take one or two scoops of the prepared protein powder and transfer to a blender. Now add 2 bananas and 3 dates. Add 1 glass of milk and mix all the ingredients well.

Benefits of Homemade Protein Powder | Benefits of Homemade Protein Powder

Peanuts help in reducing cholesterol levels. It also protects you from other heart diseases. Eating peanuts delays your aging. Peanuts also have a low glycemic index which prevents blood sugar levels from rising. However, peanuts are a good source of fiber, which reduces inflammation and also prevents it. While roasted chickpeas help in controlling blood pressure.

Also, consuming roasted chickpeas keeps your cholesterol level under control. Chickpeas contain mineral selenium which protects you from certain types of cancer. In addition, chickpeas contain choline which helps in reducing inflammation in your body. Bananas are rich in antioxidants and support your digestion. Milk is a good source of calcium and also prevents obesity and healthy weight gain.

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