Crocodile clashes alone with several giant sharks

In a shocking video, the moment was captured when a lone crocodile was surrounded by a group of sharks. The video shared on Instagram not only shows how the crocodile fought the shark but also how it finally became the winner.

Instagram user Jesse, whose bio says she is a "female professional fisherman," posted the video. He posted the video and wrote, "Among the guests of the night, the unfriendly guests, the shark bit Mr. Snappy a little."

The clip starts with a group of sharks moving around the crocodile. They keep getting close to the reptile and it seems like they will attack it at any moment. But, as soon as the crocodile suddenly starts moving fast and the shark disperses, the dice turns. The video ends with the crocodile swimming away from the shark.

Watch the video:

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The video was shared a few days ago. Since then, it has been viewed nearly 7.1 million times and the number continues to grow. A lot of comments from people have also accumulated on this stock.

One Instagram user posted, "Where do crocodiles and sharks live so I know where to stay away from?" The only unfriendly guest is the garter," wrote the fourth, "that shark tried to snatch that crocodile's hand!" the fifth wrote, "The crocodile and the shark in the same place."