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Chinese childhood pneumonia has also entered Europe. According to experts, it will also reach Bulgaria after the Christmas and New Year trips.

Currently, the GP Dr. Miroslav Spasov reports a spike in respiratory diseases and pneumonia. For yesterday's shift alone, there are 15 newly diagnosed patients.

"The usual viral or so-called interstitial pneumonias that occur covertly and a lot of people underestimate them. For two or three days with almost no symptoms - temperature up to 37.5 and two or three coughs, suddenly the patient becomes ill, "says Dr. Spasov for BTV.

China's Rise in Respiratory Disease Caused by Known Pathogens

Mycoplasma or better known as "walking pneumonia" has overwhelmed hospitals in China. It mainly affects children, and the symptoms are often flu-like with a pronounced cough, fatigue and headache.

"The explanation is that the measures that have been taken in some countries, very strict with isolation of children, leave them without strenuous immunity to infections by other viruses. This is an increase in the incidence of viral infections typical for autumn and "mycoplasma pneumonia", says the adviser of Sofia Municipality on health issues prof. Todor Kantardzhiev.

Unlike viral pneumonia, as with COVID-19, for example, the one from China is caused by bacteria and has antibiotic treatment.

"If fellow pediatricians are afraid, they should focus on macrolides and, exceptionally, quinolones. In no case their favorite third-generation cephalosporins," Kantardzhiev advises.

Six countries in Europe have reported an increase in this type of pneumonia.

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