The learning age for children is 5 to 17 years, so parents should be very careful during this time.

Parenting tips: Children are like clay, the shape you mold them into, in such a situation, as a parent, there are some nuances of parenting that are very important to understand. Because many times parents behave with children or in front of others in such a way that they leave a deep impact on their childmind. The child may also start copying your action in the future. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you 4 important things here, which should not be done in front of the child as a parent. Do these 4 things before sleeping at night, you can lose weight fast without going to the gym

What not to do in front of children

1- Many times parents start shouting or scolding a member of the house in front of children or scolding them for a small mistake, then it has a bad effect on the child's mind. Your action can be copied by the child in the future. Make the child sensitive.

2- Conflict in the family always prevents the growth of the child's brain. Maintain an atmosphere of laughter and happiness in the house. This increases the confidence of the child. The child's mind is sharp. The positive atmosphere of the house makes the child confident.

3- At the same time, mutual quarrels of parents also have a bad effect on the minds of children. This can lead him to depression. Then he can lie to you, he'll be afraid to talk. This will weaken his ability to concentrate.

4- The age of learning for children is 5 to 17 years, so parents should be very careful during this time. During this time, teach children about social and family values along with education.

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