Do you remember what you were looking for in 2023? Wikipedia keeps information!

The English version of the free, publicly edited online encyclopecia has had more than 84 billion views this year, according to data released by the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia. The most popular page was dedicated to ChatGPT yes, the AI chatbot that seems to be everywhere today.

Since it was launched just over a year ago, OpenAI's Chat GPT has entered the public consciousness as the technology makes its way into schools, health care, law and even religious sermons.

The chatbot has also contributed to the growing debate about the promises and potential dangers of generative artificial intelligence much of it documented on its Wikipedia page.

Chaos in OpenAI: what's going on in the company that created ChatGPT?

The second most read page on Wikipedia in 2023 is the one with the annual list of deceased, which reports high traffic each year it ranks fourth and first in 2022 and 2021.

At the same time, the long-awaited Cricket World Cup in 2023 took third place, BTA reported.

Barbenheimer, Taylor Swift et al. have also proved able to influence our reading habits on the internet in 2023.

A threat to humanity: What is the Q* project?

Information on "ChatGPT" has been viewed 49,490,406 times, deaths - 42,666,860, Cricket World Cup - 38,171,653, Indian Premier League Cricket - 32,012,810, Oppenheimer - 28,348,248 and others.

The English Wikipedia website reported the most visits in 2023 from the United States at 33.2 billion and from Britain at 9 billion, according to data provided by the Wikimedia Foundation to The Associated Press.

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