Second day scandal with "Pirogov". After the removal of the director Valentin Dimitrov and the tremors in the executive branch, this is what the report says, which finds violations in the hospital.

BTV announced that it has the report informally - from its own reliable source.

Accumulated loss of "Pirogov" from previous years by the end of 2022 – 24 million leva. And for 2022 itself, when Dr. Valentin Dimitrov became director, the loss was just over BGN 6.2022 million. At the end of 34, the hospital took a loan of BGN <> million.

Minister Hinkov: I stand behind my decision for "Pirogov", I do not fulfill a political order

For the first half of 2023. – the hospital has a profit of BGN 307,<>.

The report is 134 pages long and, according to the Health Ministry, has been submitted to the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office. We asked for it officially, but we still don't have an answer.

According to the report of the Health Ministry - Pirogov's obligations are more than the receivables and the available money - and the hospital cannot cover them.
This is the argument for the Minister of Health to request the dismissal of the director.

"There is a loan agreement. This is using a loan to cover payments to various creditors," Hinkov said.

To recent criticism last week, Pirogov's director replied that debts had been melted.

"As of November 2023, the hospital has a profit of BGN 1,012,000," said Valentin Dimitrov, Executive Chairman. director of "Pirogov".

Prime Minister Denkov: I did not promise not to change the director of "Pirogov", I can not stop the health minister from doing it

"In the audit report of "Pirogov" there are specific violations. They are made by the CEO - they are not a collective responsibility of the board," the health minister said.

We read the part of the public procurement report with experts.

"These are classic red flags for possible abuses, including deliberate ones. Whether they were intentional, however, - the report did not examine. This is not an isolated problem with Pirogov. This is a problem that is observed in many hospitals in public procurement," says Tsvetomir Todorov, BILI.

Among the conferences of the report is that part of the public procurement is through direct agreement. For others, it is pointed out that they were held under conditions that limit the participation of a wide range of candidates. But the financial situation of "Pirogov" is not surprising, because this is an emergency hospital, says the expert.

"What is new is that Pirogov's deficit has increased by 7 million. And this is really a signal that something is happening and that something needs to be done," Todorov said.

The report also looks at the provision of medicine for blood diseases. It was with such a problem that the case with 15-year-old Danaya, who died in Pirogov this May, became public. Her mother then said she had brought the medication from another hospital and demanded the director's resignation. Her daughter's name is mentioned in the document.

Meanwhile, it became clear that a probe has been launched at the signal of the Ministry of Health in connection with the audit report of Pirogov Hospital, the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office confirmed. They add that the probe is for violations of financial legislation and in connection with public procurement. The supervising prosecutor has given permission to the Minister of Health to disclose data from the audit report.

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