DODOMA: The country's police force has warned authorities it will ban all licences for those who cause accidents.

The warning comes as a number of recent incidents of road accidents have resulted in deaths and injuries to Tanzanians.

According to a statement, SACP Police Assistant Commissioner David Misime said the investigation showed that the cause of most accidents was the negligence of the drivers driving the vehicles.

Misime said that apart from negligence it is also speeding and passing other vehicles (overtake) without taking precautions in areas where road signs prohibit.

He said that, despite the negligence by some drivers, there has been a word of reassurance to the community that at the end of the year accidents are too much, which is incorrect and he urged drivers to remove the concept that is misleading the Tanzanian public.

"What is changing is the behaviour of some motorists who do not want to comply with road safety rules and follow the prohibition and road signs and as a result they cause accidents," he said.

"At the end of the year there has been no change in road safety laws or prohibition signs and road signs, drivers should follow the rules to avoid road accidents," he stressed.

Misime urged road users including pedestrians, cart pushers, cyclists and motorists to adhere to road safety rules while urging government officials to warn their drivers when they violate traffic laws.