Visiting a hospital is usually not a good thing, but the principals of primary and secondary schools in the North District have come to the North District Hospital in a big way to understand the operation of the hospital and to further promote a new medical-school collaboration initiative - "One Family, One Row".

Written by: Dr Chow Sun, Chief Executive Officer of North District Hospital, Hospital Authority

The principal of North District Secondary School (first from left) met the former students again during the visit to the North District Hospital and gave encouragement.

In fact, the relationship between the hospital and the school is quite close, especially for students who need to be sent to the hospital for examination and treatment due to injuries or physical discomfort from time to time. However, the school does not have a deep understanding of the operation of the hospital, and most of the time spent in contact with the hospital is in the emergency department, which is a hurried and unpleasant experience. For hospitals, in addition to emergency relief, we also hope to promote various health education messages, which will be of great benefit to the promotion of community health, and schools are one of the most suitable places. The hospital can even be transformed into an activity room, allowing students to experience first-hand the operation of medical services, improve their health knowledge, and cultivate the desire to serve the community and join the medical profession.

Over the years, many primary and secondary school students have visited the hospital, but this is the first time that a principal's delegation has visited the hospital. They visited facilities such as the Accident & Emergency Department, Simulation Training Centre, Day Rehabilitation Centre, and Urology Testing Centre. Many of them are visiting the hospital for the first time: "We don't usually want to come to the hospital, but it's really rare to visit the hospital like this."

Earlier, principals of primary and secondary schools in North District visited different facilities of North District Hospital to learn more about the hospital's services and operations, and jointly planned a family-by-family plan to promote students' spirit of caring for their families and attract them to join the healthcare profession in the future.

What's even more rare is that a principal actually met a former student again. When the principals visited the simulation training centre, one of the principals recognized a colleague who was in charge of the introduction, a student he had taught. When colleagues met the president of their alma mater, they immediately became solemn and invited two other colleagues, who turned out to be classmates of the same school, and the principal immediately "reprimanded" the three alumni: "You must work hard and do not lose face of the school." The scene is interesting and heartwarming.

Indeed, many colleagues of the hospital were born and raised in the North District, received education in local schools, and worked in local hospitals after graduation, serving and contributing to the same area, which reflects the love of the medical school as a family.

In fact, the principals were led by the two chairmen of the North District Secondary School Principals' Association and the North District Primary School Principals' Association to visit the hospital and take the lead in understanding the operation of the hospital. After the visit, the principals shared with us many views and suggestions on medical-school collaboration, and jointly planned the "One Family, One Campaign".

Through the North District Secondary School Principals' Association and the Primary School Principals' Association, the "One Family, One Plan" mobilises the participation of primary and secondary schools in the North District to carry out medical-school collaboration activities in a more systematic manner.

The so-called "family" refers to "one family of medical schools", and promotes students to understand and care for the health of their families through family units. Among them, HA Go, the application of the Hospital Authority, is a good platform for students to help their families, especially the elderly, to install and manage HA Go, so that they can not only bring health information to their families, but also recognize their health needs and remind them to pay attention to their health.

Through exchange activities such as hospital volunteers, training, visits and interviews with medical colleagues, students can learn more about the healthcare industry and understand that there are not only doctors and nurses in hospitals, but also many different professions and types of work, and students can always find suitable jobs for them.

With the expansion of the North District Hospital and the development of the Northern Metropolis, there will inevitably be a need for more medical professionals in the future. We hope to sow the seeds of love in the medical career through "One Family, One Campaign", and attract more aspiring students who love their families to devote themselves to hospital services in the future and contribute to serving the community.

Hospital Authority. (File photo)

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