What will happen if Ori travels in Mumbai local train, watch video

New Delhi:

Ori aka Orhan, who dominates every party from social media to B-town, is considered to be the best friend of star kids. His connection is with the Ambani family to the Bachchan family and he is seen clicking photos with celebrities at every party. But recently such a video is going viral on social media, seeing that you will be able to guess what will happen if this social media star reaches the local train. If you are not forced to laugh after seeing this video, then say.

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Ori's local train video goes viral

Be it Bollywood parties or social media, Ori's style is everywhere these days. People are copying Ori's style of speaking and his dressing sense. Recently, one such video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which will make you laugh and laugh. In this video, a video of a man traveling in a local train while copying Ori has been shared on a page named bigg_nerds on Instagram. Seeing what happens to Ori during the journey in the local train will also leave you laughing. First of all, this person is seen in a red T-shirt, acting Ori in a local train in Mumbai. When someone asked him if he was blind, he said, "How did you know that I do not see?" After this, Ori was seen sitting with his new mobile cover, then someone put money in the plate and left, Ori's reaction to this was also fun. Similarly, he demanded Rs 20 lakh from the man for clicking a selfie in a local train. This person, who acted like Ori, created many fun shorts in the local train.

Aila to Copy Ori

The video of this person acting like Ori is becoming increasingly viral on social media and 5 lakh people have liked this video. One user wrote that Ori's comment will be confirmed on this. Another user wrote that hey brother what a ruckus video and the phone cover is a number. Similarly, many users made laughing emojis on it, then someone wrote that this is a number video, you should also make more videos like this. Let me tell you that recently Ori reached Bigg Boss 17 house, here his conversation with Salman Khan became very viral. Adding this, this person created this video in the local train.