Police today (6th) alleged that a fraudster pretended to be metaphysician Mak Lingling and set up a WhatsApp group, claiming to provide investment tips; In just one week, the Police received more than 142 reports of online investment scams, with a total loss of over $8 million.

In an interview with "Hong Kong 01", Mak Lingling said that she had already clarified that she was not familiar with the stock market, and that she would not use metaphysics to analyze any individual stocks, at most she would only analyze the general environment, and she would not join any social media groups.

We are not familiar with investing in the real capital market, the stock market. If you have seen any of my interviews or know my usual habits, you know that I am a conservative investor, buying a house, buying a few blue chips or rent-collecting stocks during the stock market crash, I will go to a certain group to teach people to buy some stocks! This must not be me.

Metaphysician Mai Lingling

The fraudsters joined the group under the name "Mak Lingling" and used a photo of Mak Lingling for their avatars

The Police also pointed out that more than 142 online investment fraud cases were reported in a week, with a total loss of over $8 million. Sixty percent of the cases involved crypto assets, while the rest involved Chinese and Hong Kong equities.

The police said on the Facebook page "Cyber Keeper" today that they had earlier discovered a WhatsApp investment tips group called "Shang Gao Online Club G18", in which fraudsters provided knowledge of the Year of the Dragon and feng shui in the name of metaphysician Mak Lingling, claiming that it would help make a profit in investment, and joined the group with the user "Mak Lingling", and then used the photo of "Mak Lingling" as an avatar to increase its credibility. Many users in the group have been speaking and answering each other, but the police said that all of them were also fellow fraudsters to increase the credibility of the scam.

Someone used Mak Lingling as a solicitation to deceive (Facebook page "Net Keeper" picture)

Mak Lingling: We will not analyze any individual stock in a metaphysical way

In an interview, metaphysician Mak Lingling became the protagonist of the scam, pointing out that in fact, as early as the beginning of this year, she had learned about this kind of WhatsApp group about stock investment in other media, and some of them also committed fraud in the name of other celebrities, such as metaphysician Su Minfeng and stock critic Hu Mengqing. She said that she has clarified to the public that she is not familiar with the stock market, she will not do any analysis of individual stocks with metaphysics, at most she will only analyze the general environment, and she will not join any social media groups.

She said that she knew that some people in the mainland had tried to use fortune telling in the name of Mak Lingling to deceive her, but she did not report the incident to the police, whether in the mainland or Hong Kong.

We never count individual stocks, but you know how many stocks have risen to about a lot, and we don't know how much the stock has risen. We will only look at the approximate trend, such as individual sectors.

Metaphysician Mai Lingling

It is recommended to call the Central office to check the authenticity if you have any questions

As a celebrity, coupled with the current prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, it is easy to download her photos and videos on the Internet, she called on everyone to be careful about money-related matters or things that are not officially certified, and to verify in many ways, such as calling her office in Central directly to check the authenticity.

I'm not going to join any private group! I have ig, but it's only a metaphysical friend, and Facebook doesn't do it in particular. We have some YouTube films, and some people will use AI to synthesize them, and it's not surprising to pretend to be us.

Metaphysician Mai Lingling

She pointed out that some people will call the office in Central to make inquiries at all times, and if someone calls today, the staff will clarify the truth to the other party. She also believes that extensive media coverage will also enable more people to know that these groups are fake.

If you encounter the following fraudulent investment platforms or mobile apps, you should avoid them 🔽:

1️⃣ DFCF (Counterfeit Securities Company of the Same Name)

2️⃣ ftplus

3️⃣ Inchoi

4️⃣ OKX (fake virtual asset platform)

5️⃣ Shanghai Union Household Finance

6️⃣ E Fund (fake asset management company of the same name)

7️⃣ Xiangruibao

8️⃣ Gangyi Lianchuang

9️⃣ Value Lane


1️⃣1️⃣ Qtsm

1️⃣2️⃣ ZJ-JYS

1️⃣3️⃣ WDZB

1️⃣4️⃣ CNAMC

Source: CyberDefender Cyberdefender on Facebook

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