Heart attack symptoms: Apart from this, if the problem of pain in the leg also persists, then you may get a heart attack.

Symptoms of heart attack: Nowadays, due to poor routine and food, a life-threatening condition like heart attack can arise. Many times our body gives some signs that are of heart attack, but due to lack of information we do not understand. Let me tell you that the symptoms of a heart attack can occur not just around the chest but in any part of the body, including your leg. In this article, we will tell you which symptoms should be shown to the doctor when you feel in the feet. You can understand the way your husband hugs him, know here what 4 types of hugs mean

Heart Attack Symptoms | symptoms of heart attack

1- If the skin of the foot becomes blue (feet getting blue), then it means you may have a heart attack. Actually, many times blood does not reach the body properly before the heart attack, due to which some parts of the body can turn blue.

2- At the same time, before a heart attack, there may be swelling around your feet because when the heart does not work properly, then the blood accumulates in the legs many times.

3- Numbness of the foot can also be a sign of a heart attack. If your foot remains numb for a long time, then you should contact the doctor as soon as possible.

4- At the same time, weakness in the legs is also a sign of heart attack. People who feel that there may be heart-related problems should not ignore these symptoms like weakness in the legs. Apart from this, the problem of pain in the leg also remains, then you may get a heart attack.

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