The fraud case of virtual currency trading platform HOUNAX continues to be reported by more people. The police said today (6th) that as of 4 pm the day before (4th), the police had received reports from 6 more victims, and the cumulative number of reported cases increased to 164, involving a total of about 1 million yuan, an increase of about 59 million yuan.

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The police held a press conference on November 11 to brief on the recently active HOUNAX investment fraud case (photo by Lin Zefeng)

HOUNAX, a virtual currency trading platform listed by the SFC as an "unlicensed company and suspicious website", claimed to be cooperating with a financial institution, but in fact it was fictitious, and was therefore listed as a suspicious website. Whenever the victim wants to redeem the funds, the so-called investment platform manager will refuse under different pretexts, or instruct the victim to pay a high handling fee, and finally the victim will not be able to get the funds back, and the so-called investment platform manager or customer service will disappear without a trace, and the victim will be kicked out of the group.

HOUNAX has been active since the beginning of this year.

The police held a press conference on November 11 to brief the recent active HOUNAX investment fraud case, and pointed out that the maximum loss in a single transaction was a 25-year-old woman who was defrauded of $69 million, reminding the public to be cautious of suspicious investment platforms. Superintendent Chan Wai-kee of the Intelligence and Support Unit of the Commercial Crime Bureau said that HOUNAX had been active since the beginning of this year, and that the website was still valid on the day of the press conference, mainly targeting Hong Kong people, using traditional Chinese characters and area code +1. Chan also pointed out that HOUNAX has been shown as red and high risk in the police's anti-deception program "Scameter", and the SFC has included HOUNAX in the list of "unlicensed companies and suspicious websites" on November 200.

HOUNAX has been shown as red and high-risk in the police anti-deception program "Anti-deception Scameter" (Photo by Lin Zefeng)

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(Photo by Lin Zefeng)

(Photo by Lin Zefeng)