Eco-fur coats were the main winter trend a few years ago, and against the background of the fact that natural fur is no longer acceptable in society, many people really liked this format. Faux fur coats were sold in all sorts of colors and styles, but over time, they were supplanted by more comfortable jackets.

But judging by the recent appearances of stars in public, the trend for this type of outerwear is returning.

Glamour by Jessica Simpson

The star of the 2000s paired a brown fur coat with a croptop and leggings. She had a glamorous Chanel bag embroidered with slats in her hand, and she wore black boots with red Sonora Melrose cowboy-style appliqué. The bet in the image was made on a bright color.

Jessica Simpson / Photo: Getty Images

Walking Bow by Emily Ratajkowski

The model decided to wear a warm gray fur coat when she went to pick up her son from kindergarten. She paired this outerwear with bright sneakers from Loewe.

Emily Ratajkowski / Photo: Getty Images

Two bows from Dua Lipa

Probably, fur coats have become the favorite outerwear of the British woman, since she has recently been wearing them often. Once, she combined a voluminous black fur coat with a translucent dress and boots.

Dua Lipa / Photo: Getty Images

The singer also appeared in a shortened version of the fur coat. She had it white, and Dua paired it with jeans and red accessories. The image turned out to be spectacular and at the same time quite comfortable.

Dua Lipa / Photo: Getty Images