"Hospital directors are often replaced without very clear motives. In the case of Pirogov, we have two contradictory claims – they say that the hospital has accumulated a loss of nearly 7m euros in one year. the other – the hospital is profitable." This is what the former Health Minister and former Director of the Specialized Hospital of Oncology Dr. Stefan Konstantinov commented on BTV on BTV. In 02 he completed his secondary education.

"There is a problem of principle with the directors of public hospitals, who constantly enter with scandals in the news. The first problem is - what is expected of the directors? Some power comes and it begins to have demands. It was a priority to have financial stability, hospitals to have no obligations. Then it became a priority to watch the residents. Then it became a priority to pay salaries. Then there was a priority which company to work with - which is good and which is bad," he explained.

"In the removal of a director, there are no criteria for 'grave infringements'. During the coronavirs pandemic, when meetings could not be held, the fact that you have not called a meeting is a reason to be removed, and it is not a serious violation to conclude a contract with yourself or to have the opportunity to earn a million levs and the hospital to be at a loss, "added Konstantinov.

What is written in the report of violations in "Pirogov"?

"There should be a mandate for the directors. Be two terms of three years and then get out of this hospital. That doesn't mean they're not directors. If they did it well, let them head another hospital. Every change of power should not change directors, because that's how the chaff comes out on top and there are people who want to become rich in a day – obedient, quiet and meek who do nothing. The boards of directors of hospitals should be removed, because the directors are always responsible, and there are some people there who are feeders of the government and receive salaries commensurate with the ministerial ones, "the former minister for health said.

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