Taylor Pair, a 33-year-old American woman, complained on TikTok about a failed meeting with a man she met on Tinder in mid-November.

The two had arranged to visit a particular restaurant in Manhattan on his suggestion for a first date, but in the end, Peer was the only one to go. Since she was already in the restaurant, she decided to order a meal and a cocktail, for which she paid $ 45.

The woman told the story on social media when she shared her suspicion that she had never texted a real man on the other side, but was likely the victim of a fraudulent scheme. She claims to have heard of restaurants that create fake profiles on similar dating platforms in order to attract customers and make money.

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Her suspicions were shared by other users, who revealed that they had similar situations. Another woman even reported that the same thing happened to her, booking a table at the restaurant where Peer was waiting.

In a world filled with so much chaos, it's extremely important to know what you're going to get—is it going to be food, is it going to be a man? Shame! Ladies in New York should now keep in mind not only the men who cheat them, but obviously the restaurants, Pare told the New York Post.

Some of the commenters recommended that the young woman choose a walk in the park or a café at the next meeting and, if possible, avoid restaurants if it is actually a fraudulent scheme.

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