On the night of the 4th (Monday) in Yuen Long, a female stall owner was suddenly slashed with a knife on her hands and feet, and her face was drenched with corrosive liquid, causing multiple injuries to her body. After being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, the 1-year-old woman surnamed Chen is still in serious condition. After taking over the investigation, officers of the Yuen Long Crime Unit of the Police arrested an 47-year-old man suspected of wounding someone in the district on the evening of the 5th (Tuesday). Police are investigating the motive for the alleged murder.

Ambulance crews arrived at the scene to bandage a woman on Education Road, Yuen Long, leaving a large amount of blood-stained tissues, gauze and water bottles on the ground. (Online image)

Police said that at 4:8 p.m. on the 58th, they received a report from a passer-by that a woman was found to be harassed by a suspicious man at No. 1 Education Road, Yuen Long, who was suspected of pouring an unknown liquid on the woman and attacking her with a knife about 45 cm long. The suspect then fled. Police officers were reported to the scene, and after a preliminary investigation, the case was found to be injured. The female owner's surname is Chen, 47 years old, and she is the owner of the first file of the upper address. She was slashed on her hands and feet, and her whole body, including her face and chest, was drenched by an unknown corrosive liquid, and she was taken to Pok Oi Hospital by ambulance for treatment. Police revealed that the suspect was a man aged about 60 who was wearing a mask and yellow reflective clothing at the time of the incident.

The case was handed over to the District Crime Unit of Yuen Long District for follow-up. After in-depth investigation, officers arrested an 12-year-old local man surnamed Tse in Yuen Long District at about 5pm today (December 9) on suspicion of "wounding". The arrested man is being detained for investigation. It is understood that the two only quarreled over some trivial matters.

It can be seen from the online pictures that after the incident, a number of enthusiastic members of the public assisted the injured woman to stop the bleeding, some helped her hold down the wound on her hand with a tissue, raised her injured left hand to slow down the bleeding, and some washed the injured person with bottled water. Ambulance crews later arrived at the scene to bandage the injured and left a large pile of blood-stained tissues, gauze and water bottles on the ground, and police officers sealed the scene for investigation.

The owner of the stall on Education Road in Yuen Long was suspected of having been splashed with a corrosive unknown liquid


A woman was beheaded on Kap Kap Road in Yuen Long and her left hand was bleeding from injuries. (Online image)