How To Control Hair Fall: Some effective tips to prevent hair loss.

Hair Fall: Even if the hair looks dry-dry or lifeless, there is not as much a problem as it is when the hair continues to fall. Hair fall becomes the root of the problem. This makes the hair thin and it seems that baldness does not occur. In such a situation, natural things can appear on the hair better than chemical products. Here are some such home remedies that help in reducing hair fall. These recipes are easy to try as they use common kitchen items like curry leaves, fenugreek and coconut oil.

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Home remedies to stop hair loss | Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall

Coconut oil and curry leaves

Coconut oil is also used in Ayurveda. It contains a good amount of lauric acid which is beneficial for hair. Apart from this, curry leaves are good sources of anti-oxidants and amino acids. To try this recipe, take a bowl of coconut oil and mix a handful of curry leaves in it. Cook this oil on the flame for some time and when the oil is cooked well, keep it aside to cool. After applying this oil on the hair for half an hour, wash it and remove it. Hair loss will be reduced and hair growth will help.

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Fenugreek Hair Mask

The medicinal properties of fenugreek show amazing effects on hair. To make a hair mask, soak fenugreek seeds overnight and grind these seeds the next morning and make a paste. Apply this hair mask of fenugreek seeds on the hair from roots to ends and then wash the head. This hair mask can be kept on the hair for half an hour.

Onion juice and coconut oil

It is often recommended to apply onion juice or onion oil to prevent hair growth and fall. You can make this oil at home. To make onion oil, take coconut oil in a bowl and mix onion juice in it and keep it cooked on the flame. When this oil is cooked, apply it on the hair while massaging it with light hands. Instead of onion juice, onions can also be cooked in oil by cutting small pieces.

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